iPad Program

As technologies develop, so do the opportunities for people with disabilities to communicate with others, as well as engage in social networking and entertaining activities. In many cases, only physical disability limits the input and output of a normal intelligent thinking brain. The development of the iPad has had particular impact. Its size, construction and capabilities allow people with limited or no functioning speech and/or restricted physical movement, a means to interact without frustration and with great success in the world around them.

Following success with grant applications to purchase 20 iPads, Camp Breakaway launched its new and exciting iPad program on Sunday 30 October 2011. Camp Breakaway's iPads also have an impressive list of apps for children and adults with disabilities.

The video to the right is about John Craven, who was a perfectly healthy 12-year-old boy in 1983 until he was hit by a four-wheel drive with a bullbar in Sydney and sustained an acquired brain injury. See what happens when a complete stranger gives him an iPad. Staggeringly, for 28 years prior to 2011, his main form of communication was a QWERTY alphabet board on which he had to point to every letter of every word he wished to say.

Camp Breakaway now utilises iPads in all of its respite camps for children and adults with disabilities and looks forward to obtaining more.

Camp Breakaway is eternally grateful to Club Toukley RSL, Doyalson Wyee RSL Club, Halekulani Bowling Club, Network of Caring and the Wyong Rugby League Club Group for their sponsorship and wonderful support of this program.

Network of Caring - Australia - Founded by Jim & Nancy DormanClub Toukley RSLDoylo - Doyalson Wyee RSL Club - Be entertainedHali - You'll Love it! - Halekulani Bowling ClubWyong Rugby League Club Group

Program Objectives

  • Introduce a new activity to our camp programs. These will provide all campers; adults, children, siblings, young carers and parents with a new and exciting activity
  • Show campers with communication difficulties what is possible with new technology
  • Improve communication between camper and volunteer
  • Highlight the difficulties faced by people with disabilities
  • Display Camp Breakaway's willingness to embrace new technology and innovative programs


For further information, please call our office on (02) 4390 7624 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.