Adults with Disabilities Camps

Camp Breakaway camps are fun-filled respite camps where adults with physical disabilities can relax and enjoy a seven day break while care is provided for all of their disability-related needs.

People with disabilities often suffer from isolation and loneliness and our camps result in an increase in their self-esteem and confidence, which extends well beyond the end of the camp.

Key Objectives

  • To give the camper a chance to mix with other people in a similar situation. This is important, particularly to those campers who live with their parents/spouses and have little contact with other people with disabilities.
  • To provide a range of activities that are new, challenging and exciting i.e. sailing, motorbike rides.
  • To allow campers who live in institutions to have a break from their environment.
  • To allow the parents/carers/spouses to have a break themselves. Caring for a person with a disability is a very demanding and difficult job. Often their carers are burnt-out. A break for carers is very important.
  • To create opportunities for volunteers to make a meaningful contribution to their community.


We aim to offer campers a wide variety of activities, some of which are not normally accessible to those with disabilities, including; a disco, sailing, motorbike rides, a dinner dance, putt putt golf and a talent concert.

We currently hold three Adults with Disabilities Camps each year. Our volunteers dedicate a total of more than 3000 hours at each of these camps.