Volunteer Positions

We Have Many Volunteer Roles

If you think you can help in some other way, please let us know.

Volunteer Training Modules

All volunteers are required to undergo a small amount of training and if necessary, additional training - relevent to their respective role at Camp Breakaway.

Our training modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 - Orientation to Camp Breakaway - Compulsory for all volunteers and staff
    • Communication and privacy
    • Aims and objectives
    • Legal issues
    • Introduction to disabilities
    • Work, health and safety
  • Module 2 - Learning to Care for the Disabled - Compulsory for all volunteers and staff
    • Infection control
    • Providing personal care
    • Teamwork
    • Risk management
    • Moving people safely
  • Module 3 - Learning to Provide Care for Adults with Disabilities
    • Prepare to care
      • Look after your back
      • Share experiences
    • Understanding sexuality
  • Module 4 - Preparing the Care Team for Adults with Disabilities
    • Communication and privacy
    • Introducing the team
    • Overview of the program
    • Risk management
    • Team building
    • Camper profiles - including specific disabilities
  • Module 5 - Learning to Care for Children with Disabilities
    • Communication and privacy
    • Legal issues - child protection
    • Introducing the team
    • Family/Camper profiles - including specific conditions and/or disabilities
    • Work health and safety
    • Understanding complex care, i.e., tube feeding, suctioning, seizures, etc.
    • Team building
  • Module 6 - Facilitating a Safe, Responsibility-Free Holiday for Young Carers
    • Communication and privacy
    • Work, health and safety
    • Legal issues - child protection
    • Profile of campers
    • Managing children's groups safely
    • Behaviour management
    • Team building
  • Module 7 - Preparing the Care Team for Children with SMS (Smith-Magenis Syndrome)
    • Communication and privacy
    • Introducing the team
    • Beginning to understand SMS
      • Scientific facts
      • Behavioural issues and management
      • Impact on family members
    • Work, health and safety
    • Legal issues - child protection
    • Family profiles and specific camper issues
    • Risk management
    • Team building

In order to offer flexibility to our volunteers, training sessions are held throughout the year. For details of dates and times, please check our Volunteer Workshop Dates page.

Benefits of Being a Volunteer

  • Great job satisfaction - knowing that you are helping others
  • Experiencing the rewards of being part of an amazing team
  • Developing friendships with campers and volunteers
  • An opportunity to develop a positive sense of self and enhanced empathetic skills
  • Developing skills via work placement for studies

Volunteer Enquiry

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, simply call Lynne Leys our volunteer recruitment administrator for a friendly chat on: (02) 4390 7624, anytime Monday-Friday between 9am and 4pm or email: lynneleys@breakaway.org.au

Please note:

  • Volunteers must be eighteen years of age or over
  • No experience is necessary, as free training is provided
  • Volunteers are needed on a part-time or full-time basis for the duration of our camps
  • Volunteers must be keen to work in a team environment and be willing to help fellow volunteers and campers